Has Your Foundation Shifted?

Maintain stability with concrete lifting services in Centerville, IA, Memphis or Kirksville, MO

Shifted or cracked concrete is more than just an eyesore. The issue can eventually lead to more severe property damage if not dealt with quickly. At TNT Foam & Roof Coatings, we provide concrete lifting services for business owners and homeowners in Centerville, IA, Memphis, MO and Kirksville, MO.

Our foam injection concrete leveling can restore stability to your slab foundation, sidewalks and driveways. Whether your concrete has settled or is cracked and uneven, you can count on us to repair it.

Contact us today to learn more about our foam injection concrete leveling.

How does it work?

During your concrete lifting project in Centerville, IA, Memphis, MO and Kirksville, MO, TNT Foam & Roof Coatings will inject foam into small holes in the concrete that will even out the surface. Concrete leveling will:

  • Save you money on an expensive slab replacement
  • Make your property safer by preventing trips and falls
  • Improve the durability of your ground support
  • Enhance your property's overall curb appeal

Prevent structural damage caused by concrete shifts. Call now to schedule concrete lifting at your property in Centerville, IA, Memphis, MO and Kirksville, MO.